Naturexan GOLD Review


To whom it may concern
Below we have attached a letter sent to us by the owner of About Body, Sandton. We trust that you can also see the benefits of our product for your clients and we hope that you would consider being a stockist of this amazing product of ours.

“Testimonial for NatureXan Gold 100% Mangosteen Juice
Our experience of NatureXan juice is incredible. We have used Mangosteen products in the past but since we have been using this in our salon we will never look back.
Us as well as our clients love the 100% pure Mangosteen. We found that it gives faster results.
We have been using it as a calming agent after using chemical peels which removed the protective barrier of the skin, due to its Anti- inflammatory agents the skin calms down really fast and helps repair the clients skin and aids to hydration.
We used it on clients with skin disorders, open cuts, wounds, inflamed areas as the products contain Anti-microbial properties.
Our client consume it every day and feel revived, energized, healthy and just an overall feeling of well being. A lot of our client have left their daily vitamins and now only use NatureXan GOLD and have not been ill ever since.
We have phenomenal results on our permanent make-up clients. We apply it after the procedure to calm the swelling down. You can see a visible result in only 5min. The clients never leave without buying one as they can feel the relief immediately.
We at About Body absolutely love the product as do our clients, it’s a must have for anyone. Prevention is better that cure.
About Body 0722730934
www.aboutbody.co.za “


“At this stage I buy from Die Boord Health Shop and I think I’m depleting their stock . I am recommending Mangosteen to everyone fighting cancer or chemo. My mother was very ill a couple of weeks ago. She went into septic shock and her doctor didn’t think she was going to make it. I kept giving her Mangosteen, a small doses to start off with, not knowing how it may react with the meds. She is still very weak and started chemo again on Friday but I am convinced that the Mangosteen has helped her recover. Her white blood count went from 0.8 to 7, the highest it has ever been.

Obviously the doctor did his thing with all sorts of meds but her wbc has not been that high in ages and it is a miracle. A friend of mine’s mother believe that since she has started Mangosteen about 4 weeks ago, her headaches are far less than what it was.

I too want to start drinking it but at this stage every bottle goes (weekly!) to my mother. I am so happy that we started using it, and wish we’d done so sooner.” – Elzanne


“My dad is a severe cardiac patient who is was unable to obtain any help from his doctors. His heart has a 20% functionality and was told that surgery was not an option, he would have to live with his condition. They were unwilling to even consider surgery.

Ever since, he has been consuming mangosteen juice, he has had immense relief from pain which is very much associated with cardiac patients due to the lack of blood flow. He is now able to breathe easier without hassle. He has become more active to the degree that he engages himself in mechanical and physical tasks. He has stopped all medication from his diabetes tablets to Ecotrin (heart) medication. His lifestyle has definitely improved.

Please note, however, that together with mangosteen juice ,he is also consuming a herbal capsule called GINGKO BILOBA and a home brewed juice consisting of garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar, lemon and honey, on a daily basis. He has not changed his diet much except to a point that he avoids red meat and eats in smaller portions.

Mangosteen juice has proven to have an absolute blessing in his life and I would definitely recommend it to others.” – Romilla



Mung Koot Review – Facebook Chats


Naturexan:  Hi. Trust you received your Mung Koot and that you enjoy the taste?
Julie Ann: Yes thanks so much it taste divine. Love it.

Naturexan: Trust you received your Mung Koot and enjoy it.
Chante: Helooo yes I did omw mum loves it, I love it. Wow thanks again what a great product! Love it xx




Pearl Royal Review


“I would like to highly recommend the coconut water which we order through
Naturexan SA PTY Ltd. Our customers know the brand very well and say it is
definitely the best on the market.

We have been stocking their product since April 2014 and did some research
on coconut water before deciding on which brand to stock, we asked our
regular customers their opinion before deciding as they are the ones who
would be buying the product, and they choose Pearl Royal.

Riaan who runs the company is also very professional and always
accommodating for his customers.”

– Stefano, Panini Brothers – Sandton, Johannesburg



We bought in Pearl Royal Coconut Water from Riaan at NATUREXAN SA and its flying of the shelves due to the Tim Noakes Banting Diet.

The first day of purchase was on the 14th of August 2014. We sold 320 units in the first month of August and cant keep up with the sales.

Give it try!! It surely is a winner!!

Engen –  Meadowridge, Cape Town


Pearl Royal Coconut Water and Mung Koot Queen

We hereby wish to confirm that our Store Organic Living has been stocking the following products supplied to us by Riaan Rust of NATUREXAN SA – Pearl Royal Coconut water since 2013.
It has taken off phenomenally well in the store and we have currently started stocking the “Mung Koot Queen” (Mangosteen) Drinks as well.

Yours sincerely
Organic Living, Constantia, Cape Town



To whom it may concern
It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Naturexan SA PTY Ltd, supplier of Pearl Royal coconut water and Mung Koot. They are honest and efficient in their dealings and communication. With products of impeccable quality, our clientele love the products. I highly recommend their goods and services to anyone.
Yo Yoga, Cape Town



Dear Naturexan South Africa


Pearl Royal Coconut water is the best coconut water available in South African. It has the most natural taste and I love the fact that there are no additives, especially sugars or artificial flavors.

During the last 5 years of stocking Pearl Royal Coconut Water, I have been extremely happy with the product and all my customers have fallen in love with it. So many people have said to me that they don’t really like coconut water but then they taste the Pearl Royal Coconut Water and they are hooked and can’t get enough of it.

It has been a wonderful pick me up for so many customers – who are either suffering from a condition where they are often debilitated or they have just been engaging in high intensity exercise. They all remark on how wonderful the Pearl Royal Coconut water is – as it immediately makes them feel better by restoring lost electrolytes – minerals and vitamins.

Obviously during the summer months – coconut water is an essential item that everyone should have in their fridge as it can help boost energy and endurance and help on very hot days to prevent dehydration and imbalances.

I will always recommend coconut water when people are unwell – as they will immediately experience some relief, especially after or during times when they unfortunately experience food poisoning or gastroenteritis. I have even given it to my dogs during times of ill health or on a hot day after a long walk and they love it.

I would like to thank Riaan and Naturexan SA for bringing Pearl Royal Coconut Water to South Africa, as we are all the better for having access to such a wonderful product.
Kind regards

Andrea Mills
Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist
Owner of Integrity Wellbeing